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“TrackMaster at MABO Engineering”.


Stuska Europe has just recently installed a “turn-key” 1600 HP engine dynamometer Trackmaster system at MABO Engineering in Dedemsvaart, The Netherlands. This new company in Dedemsvaart, with Maurice Boessenkool at the steering wheel, has just finished their well designed brand new testcell and is now fully equipment for tuning their performance engines.


The Trackmaster LC engine dynamometer system is equiped with 12 thermocouples 0-900 Celsius, 2 pressure sensors for oil pressure and boost pressure, 2 low temperature sensors 0-150 Celsius and a fuel flow sensor. The system has an integrated weather station to correct measured performance values to SAE or DIN standards. All measured values are presented in SAE or Metric units.


With their fast responding Innovate LC1 lambda sensor, they are able to map their engine in a professional way. After setting the complete fuel map they are able to make “Sweep” tests to see the HP output of their engines. Also static testing with their new 1600 HP Trackmaster system with waterbrake is one of the possibilities. They can continuously hold the engine at any stable speed as they have a big reservoir with water outside the testcell.


Maurice Boessenkool, managing director at MABO Engineering : “We are very pleased with the new 1600 HP performance engine dynamometer of Stuska. The installation of the new system went very well and we are very pleased with the support Stuska has provided. Right from the start we were able to make performance runs without any problem”.


MABO Engineering can also be contacted for tuning your engines. All engines, up to 1600 HP can be tuned. For contact details, see below. For e-mail contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

















MABO Engineering 

Contact : Maurice Boessenkool
Dedemsvaart, The Netherlands

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office : +31 (0) 523 61 44 19

Mobile : +31 (0) 624 28 76 66













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